Skoal: So sorry Belle, that must be hell. Aug 23, 2019 8:31:09 GMT -6
Sauerkraut: My mother had issues with her Sciatic nerve in her leg, she complained about it not sure what the doctor did, she also had both hip joints replaced at age 62, then latter a hip joint came apart and she had to go back to the hospital for that. Aug 23, 2019 9:59:29 GMT -6
Sauerkraut: Belle- that sounds like it's inflamed, sorry to hear about that, there are treatments that can help if that is what it is. Aug 23, 2019 10:02:42 GMT -6
GrumpyOM: Belle, sounds a lot like you're having muscle spasms also, due to the pain. Relaxing them will help some. Your muscles tend to tighten up pulling even more on the nerve. Been there, done that. Complete disk removal in 1979. Aug 23, 2019 14:20:25 GMT -6
Belle: Yeah, It's muscle spasms AND inflamed. I'm taking Ibuprofen for the inflammation.
Well hey, I can truthfully say, 'I'm HOT'!! :))
Aug 23, 2019 15:23:43 GMT -6
Belle: I'm not supposed to take too much NSAIDS because of my heart condition,..but dayuuum, I can't live like this. I gotta have some relief. Aug 23, 2019 15:27:56 GMT -6
Skoal: Yea me and my wife both had to quit taking Ibuprofen. But it worked better than anything. Sorry Belle. Aug 23, 2019 17:32:53 GMT -6
Belle: Thanks, . Aug 23, 2019 19:43:40 GMT -6
twister: Thinking of you sweet belle Aug 23, 2019 19:48:38 GMT -6
twister: Hey where is maxx? Aug 23, 2019 19:48:54 GMT -6
Rusty: Check under your bed Aug 23, 2019 20:10:03 GMT -6
GrumpyOM: I was on Valium for spasms and Tylenol/Codeine for the pain. Have a whole cabinet full of pain killers of various sorts that I was given over the years. Don't like to take them so usually just kept the majority of the prescription after taking it a day/2 Aug 23, 2019 20:10:52 GMT -6
GrumpyOM: Belle, do you know a Bradley Gitz in Batesville? Aug 23, 2019 20:46:43 GMT -6
Belle: There's a Bradley Gitz connected with Lyon College. He's a columnist for Arkansas Democrat-Gazette.....I think. smileyabhf9cl

Aug 23, 2019 21:04:43 GMT -6 *
OldHippieDude: I tripped over a gaggle of pussy kittens on my deck and landed on my field rock patio, three weeks ago! Had some serious injuries! Cracked ribs, contusions and abrasions. >:D Just now feeling sort of whole again. Sell me some pain pills, Grumps!! :P Aug 23, 2019 21:26:46 GMT -6
OldHippieDude: We had major flash floods again last night and into the morning. I live on an 8 degree incline and still have water pooling and rivulets running swiftly through my property! doh24ir It has rained all Summer long! Aug 23, 2019 21:41:21 GMT -6
OldHippieDude: I have taken a solemn vow though. Being a dyed-in-the wool Okie, I shall never curse the mud, only DUST!! :P Aug 23, 2019 21:44:14 GMT -6
twister: Rusty i knew he was under there!! Hes requested a martini and bananas. Aug 23, 2019 22:48:54 GMT -6
Rusty: fne0fg Aug 23, 2019 22:52:56 GMT -6
gibby: 8-) Aug 24, 2019 0:22:38 GMT -6